Empowering the differently abled

Watawala Plantations take the lead in people business
Watawala Plantations PLC won the Bronze Award at the recently concluded JASTECA CSR Awards Competition organized for the first time in Sri Lanka. The Vocational Training Center for the differently abled, of their Kenilworth Estate was recognized for its sustainable approach in serving the community within which they operated.

‘Y’ generation empowerment at Watawala

A member of the Sunshine Group, Watawala Plantations PLC has launched a novel concept, the ‘Y’ generation inter regional debate, targeting the company’s younger generation between 20 and 30 years of age.
The initiative, which provides a platform for the younger members of the company to showcase their talents and skills, was a concept created by Watawala Plantations CEO Dr. Dan Seevaratnam to stimulate and encourage innovation and new ideas from the younger members, which could be used in the decision making process.

Triple bottom line focus yields rich dividends for Watawala Plantations

Transformative economic, social and environmental impact of its actions won much national and regional acclaim in 2014 for Watawala Plantations PLC, a subsidiary of Sunshine Holdings PLC.

‘Triple bottom line’ focused strategies, served to yield rich dividends even at grass-root levels and resulted in the company being recognised with 13 national and two prestigious regional awards. The total tally of 15 awards received by Watawala included five gold awards.
Watawala Plantations received 13 awards within the last four months of the year alone, based on vastly different criteria, ranging from process improvements to leadership in Corporate Social Responsibility, energy efficiency and people management.