TRIBE brings to you the heritage of an exceptional spice of which tales of enchantment and natural healing have dominated conversations of rulers and regular folk alike. Ceylon Cinnamon or True Cinnamon (Cinnamomum Zeylanicum) has been the epicenter of trade and foreign rule in ancient Ceylon. The exceptional hands and the artful skills of a unique tribe predominantly scattered in the southern part of the island nation, now Sri Lanka is the pride of this exceptional spice. After centuries of foreign rule, this tribe the true custodians of the Queen spice continue to date disseminating the skills of their forefathers and contributing to the vitality of the industry and economy of our country.

The products ranging from culinary to personal care and accessories preserve the key constituents of Ceylon Cinnamon whilst applying subtle sophistication to the likes of the connoisseurs. The brand scores a ‘first’ in Sri Lanka for offering the widest selection of Cinnamon based products. To highlight a few, the culinary range offers a ready to drink fusion beverage of Ceylon Cinnamon and Bee honey a delight for the wellness seeker, the fine quality cinnamon powder to blend with tea, coffee or oats. The personal care range offers luxury and wellbeing. The Sun gels are vitamin enriched and contains SPF for better protection, the hand lotion is a perfected for long lasting hydration with a mellow yet fragrant effect all day.

Tribe products are manufactured and packaged under stringent quality parameters such as ISO, GMP and FSSC. The core ingredients are grown, harvested and produced in the heart of Cinnamon country, in our own peeling and processing centers in Udugama, Galle. Tribe strives to take Ceylon Cinnamon to its discerning customers around the world, uphold the proud heritage of the queen of all spices and give back to the community of Cinnamon farmers and peelers. We eye this venture as an epic adventure, do join us!