Helping hand

To those who are physically challenged

In society differently abled people are facing many challenges as they have to depend on someone to attend to their day to day personal affairs and to provide for their livelihood. Differently able people in economically depressed families are much more affected than in the other families. The situation is more complicated in the plantation sector due to socioeconomic issues and consumption oriented life styles. Under such circumstances the differently abled people are a burden to their families and they get very little treatment in their own house and within the society they live in. This leads them to be much depressed and with the sense of hopelessness in their lives. However if they are given the opportunity to spend their time in a more organized manner and in a safe environment, it will not only give them an opportunity for self-reliance and self-respect but also it will be a relief to everyone concerned of their wellbeing. Considering the social status of the Plantation community, we have been mindful of the issues parents or the relatives face to look after the differently abled persons as the family members themselves are finding it difficult to manage their own affairs.

This project is to improve the quality of life of those persons and to make the differently able equally able.

We have in consideration thereof revitalized a project in order to have a holistic approach that addresses the socio – economic issues of the differently abled persons through the Vocational Training Center at Kenilworth Estate Ginigathena which we were able to establish in the year 1998 and from there it has developed many creations during the recent past and also has now come up to the extent of implementing 5s, implementing 5s has given us the opportunity to stabilize with international standards and we were able to secure a bronze award at the Jasteca 5s competition in the CSR category for the year 2013, and to the extent of it not only being advantageous to the beneficiaries but to the family members in particular and the community in general. Our Company is undertaking this as a CSR project and takes responsibility of the maintenance of the building infrastructure and the payment for the caretakers as well. The Company facilitates income generating projects involving the talents and skills of her differently abled Associates, arranges for the sales of the produce and ventures to make it sustainable and also the income from the sale of produce generated by the beneficiaries goes back to be distributed to the differently abled.

The project also helps identify the hidden talents of the individual and provides them with an opportunity to make use of its creativity under the guidance and supervision of instructors skilled in art and handcrafting and also helps prepare the differently abled persons for a life of dignity by bringing out their latent talents. This also supports individuals of many varying disabilities such as deafness, downsyndrome, bilateral polio, short stature and leg amputations. At the Vocational Training Center the differently abled are trained and encouraged to bring out their creativity by helping them produce items such as pillows, pillowcases, bed sheets, cushions, cushion covers, cloth carpets, christmas decorations, cards, new year cards, birthday cards, thanking cards, envelops, dispensing envelops, recycled bags, news paper bags, wall hangers, necklaces, bracelets, incense sticks, aprons, tea handling bags and tea pouches. We have provided them with a safe place and is designed according to their requirements. Also by providing them door step transport service we ensure their security from home to the VTC. Their health factors are also considered accordingly and medical facilities have been provided when needed. We are providing them with a glass of milk, a free mid-day meal, free medication and each associate has a separate medical checkup file.

Products Produced by VTC