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Grand Central Rubber Estates Ltd., a sterling company managed by M/s Carson Cumber Batch and company Ltd., were the proud founders of Nakiyadeniya Estate around the year of 1920.The estate is located in Udugama area of Galle district of southern province. One could easily reach estate as there are only 19 Kms. from the southern expressway, Pinnaduwa change on Galle Udugama road. British planters namely Mr.Fraizer, Mr.Mackintosh and Mr.Michel are the major contributors to expand the Nakiyadeniya estate to become the then largest rubber plantation of Sri Lanka. In the year of 1965 British planter Mr.Gerry Wells introduced Oil Palm to Nakiyadeniya estate and presently has good potential palm oil fields which supports to increase earnings of its associates. Palm oil mill is another superior value proposition of Nakiyadeniya estate. Presently estate takes many social, technological and environmental initiatives to up lift the life standards of its associates and conserve environment. Empowerment of youths and women is another mission of the management.

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24m to 217 m

3100mm to 4000mm


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Nakiadeniya Rubber Estate

Nakiadeniya, Sri Lanka