Tangakelle Overview

Situated in the lower escarpment of the western slopes of central Sri lanka, tangakelle is a magnificent tea plantation managed by Watawala plantations PLC. It takes approximately 45 minutes for a traveller to reach tangakelle from the hill station, nuwara eliya, via nanuoya, trough windy roads among the lush green carpets of tea. The estate is situated at an altitude ranging from 1372mts up to 1728mts, in close proximity to the township of miraya. The name tangakelle has coined from the tamil word ‘tanga’ Which means ‘gold’ and has indeed been a goldmine over a century. Even though there is no proper evidence regarding the inception of the estate, it is believed to have been started during the early period of British colonization. A London based agency house

Named the Ceylon tea plantation company limited managed the estate before the change of hands on 15/10/1975, when it was vested with the state plantations cooperation. The name of the famous British planter Mr. Geoffrey Middleton, the inventor of the tea sifting machine, Middleton, has been synonymous with the name tangakelle owing to his magnanimous contribution rendered to the estate, during pre-nationalization era. The names of the legendary tea manufacturing expert Mr. Ralston Tissera and Mr. PHAN Dias too are among the managers who have rendered yeoman service to the estate.

Past Managers

From To Name
Mr. Phan Dias 1972 1978
Mr. S. Gunawardena 1979 1981
Mr. D. Madugalla 1982 1987
Mr. S.T. Gunatilleke 1988 1989
Mr. S.K.L Obeysekera 1990 1990
Mr. L.H.Munasinghe 1991 1992
Mr. D.J.Y. Mirinchiaratchi 1993 1994
Mr. H.L. Dunuwila 1995 1996
Mr. L.V.K. Lenadora 1997 1998
Mr. R.S. Perera 1998 1999
Mr. L.G. Keragala 2000 2000
Mr. A.M. Direckze 2001 2001
Mr. B. N. Pananwala 2001 2002
Mr. G.K. Aponso 2003 2003
Mr. B.N. Pananwala 2003 2003
Mr. Sarath Jayasekere 2004 2004
Mr. E.N. Weerakoon 2005 2007
Mr. H.P.T. Hulangamuwa 2007 2008
Mr. D.H.K. Sumanaratne 2009 2012
Mr. K.D.P. Wettewa 2012 2012
Mr. L.K. Abeywardena 2012 2016
Mr. S. Nandakumar 2017 Todate

General Facts


Lindula ( Agroclimatic Region – Dimbula)



Total Population






Contact Details


+94 (0) 51 – 4921395 (Office)

+94 (0) 51 – 4921358 (Factory)



Lindula, Srilanka


Rotovane/ Orthodox/ High Grown

Leaf Appearance – Black, Well Twisted, clean and neat leaf

Infusion – Bright

Liquor – Coloury with fair strength briskness.