Vellai Oya Overview

The cultivation commenced in the year 1866 in this estate. There are approximately 9 springs within the estate, flora and fauna is enlightened to grow in the bank of the water ways and they are prevented from pollution. Spectacle orchids are a specialty for whoever visits the estate. You can also find the organic vegetable gardens well maintained by the women of the village in their backyards. Hatton Plantations helps these skilled women in funding the project and also in aspects like choosing the right crops etc. This is one of the projects implemented by the women empowerment team within the estate.

Past Managers

Name From To
Mr. M. Talwatte 1968 1977
Mr. A.E. Anandappa 1977 1986
Mr. L. Almeida 1987 1992
Mr. A. Kamalagoda 1993 1994
Mr. L. Lenadora 1995 1996
Mr. R. Kumarasamy 1997 1997
Mr. M. Yatigamana 1998 2000
Mr. M.S. Karunaratne 2001 2002
Mr. U.K. Navaratne 2002 2005
Mr. S.S. Richardson 2005 2007
Mr. J.R.A.R. Ranathunga 2007 2008
Mr. M.H. Medagamage 2008 2012
Mr. K.S. Dela 2012 2017
Mr. A.P. Premachandra 2017 2020
Mr. M S Zaman Imthiaz 2020 To date

General Facts


Medium Grown



Total Population





5862 mm. Wet Days 198

Contact Details


+94 (0) 51 – 4921366 (Office)

+94 (0) 51 – 4921367 (Factory)


Vellai Oya Estate

Hatton, Sri Lanka


Rotovane/ Orthodox Medium

Leaf Appearance – Less browner, fairly twisted, cleaner leaf

Infusion – Coppery Bright

Liquor – Coloury thicker brisker with more strength

VP -87% SD 13%