Waltrim Overview

‘Waltrim Tea’ holds a prestigious place amongst the finest of Ceylon Teas. The Waltrim Estate ‘mark’ has always been synonymous with high quality and is held in high esteem among tea connoisseurs throughout the world. It, as a tea garden mark, is not of recent origin but is steeped in tradition and has maintained its aesthetic as well as its commercial value over the past 80 years. The newly built factory also known as state-of- the- art factory is eco-friendly that uses natural ventilation for manufacture and the transparent sheets in the loft bring in natural lighting.

Acclaimed is a paramount high-tech factory in Sri Lanka. The location and positioning of Waltrim factory allows for an amplified natural air flow and ventilation, which reduces costly electrical appliance and improve the withering process of the tea leaves. The setup also allows this process to occur thought out the year.

Waltrim is the foremost factory when it comes to technology. It is the only complete full-scale single facility for tea processing built after a lapse of more than 40 years. Compliance to ISO 22000 food safety standard, and ecologically structure building reduce the impact on environment. It is of most importance to Waltrim to make sure every employee in the factory is working in a safe and friendly environment. Upon employment, all workers are thoroughly educated on the occupational hazards in the factory.

Between our conservational methods, superlative working conditions and technological head start, we can truly say there is no finer or better choice in tea production than our very own Waltrim Estate. Waltrim Tea has a definite vision to build upon its past and continue its legacy to bring you a superior product.

Past Managers

Name From To date
MR.H.A.Rode 1981 1985
Mr.D.U.U.Hordagoda 1985 1987
Mr.D.V.Seevaratnam 1987 1990
Mr.R.S.Kotawela 1990 1995
Mr.R.M.Yatigammana 1993 1997
Mr.B N. Pananwala 1997 1999
Mr.U.Karunanayake 1999 2001
Mr.A.M.Direx 2001 2002
Mr.C.K.Karunaratne 2002 2005
Mr U.A.Karunanayake 2005 2007
Mr.E.N.Weerakoon 2007 2007
Mr.D.H.K.Sumanaratne 2007 2008
Mr.R.N.A.Bandaranayake 2008 2009
Mr.M.S.A.Akber 2009 2012
Mr.P.U.Wanigatunga 2012 Todate

General Facts


Talawakelle, Lindula, Nano Oya



Total Population






Contact Details


+94 (0) 51- 4921394 (Office)

+94 (0) 51- 4924401 (Factory)



LIndula, Sri Lanka


Rotor vane/ Orthodox/ High Grown

Leaf appearance – Black, well twisted, clean and neat leaf

Infusion – Bright

Liquor –Posses good colour, useful strength, brisk and bright.